Rationel Timber Framed Windows

We supply the finest Timber Framed Wooden Windows available in the UK market place today. Our track record for both residential and commercial installations has covered over 30 years across many styles and profile types. The best timber framing your view of the world.

Rationel Domus

Domus Timber Windows

introducing DomUS® only DomUS can give you a contemporary design in a high performance timber window. the flexibility and quality of the DomUS system means that we can meet the toughest specifications without having to compromise your design. Used in projects with a high design and quality ethos, DomUS will bring a modern style to your project which is second to none.

Rationel AURA+

Patus Timber Framed Windows

Introducing PatUS® a high performance timber window in a traditional style, PatUS is the perfect product for you. PatUS windows give you the thin glazing bar and internal profiling ‘look’ to achieve a traditional design and at the same time live up to the highest demands of functionality, low-maintenance and long life. Where traditional design meets modern performance, PatUS is perfect for you.


Variety Timber Framed Windows

With DomUS and PatUS windows you can choose from a wide variety of paint colours and natural wood stains so that the end result is exactly what you want for the inside and outside of your windows and doors. We also offer a wide variety of opening mechanisms and door types (see the section on Design Choices for further details).

Tailor Made Timber Framed Windows

When you select any product from our DomUS or PatUS range, our craftsmen work to you and your home’s bespoke requirements. Our quality, made-to-measure installations will give an elegant finish to your home, and make it shine.

Materials For Timber Framed Windows

Throughout the manufacturing process we handle our timber with the respect an organic material deserves. one aspect of this is that we give the timber timeto season slowly under carefully controlled conditions. this ensures that you get the best-quality product. after processing the raw timber, we ensure that every surface of our product is laminated and treated against all forms of wood blight. timber and easy maintenence fits well together with Rationel windows as you have aluminium glazing beads. Relax in the knowledge that your quality timber is safely protected from the elements, and your windows have the longevity your home needs.

Timber Framed Window Enquiries

For more information regarding the wide range of Rational Timber Framed Windows please contact us by telephone on 01226 702553, by email on sales@euroglaze.co.uk or by using the enquiry form.