Composite Timber Aluminium Windows

We supply the finest Compsite Timber and Aluminium Windows available in the UK market place today. Our track record for both residential and commercial installations has covered over 30 years across many styles and profile types. The best composite timber & Aluminium framing your view of the world..

Aldus Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Aldus Timber Windows

Introducing alDUS® alDUS gives you a contemporary design in a composite timber/ aluminium window. The flexibility and quality of the alDUS product range means that we can meet the toughest specifications and deliver your design statement without compromise. Used in a wide variety of projects and with a high design and quality ethos, alDUS will bring a modern style and very low maintenance to your project.

Patus+ Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Patus+ Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Introducing PatUS+® PatUS+ has all the benefits of a high performance, composite timber and aluminium window combined with the classic design elements of thin glazing bars and internal moulding. PatUS+ windows achieve the traditional look and at the same time live up to the highest demands of functionality, ultra low-maintenance and long life. The PatUS+ system is ideal for projects where a traditional design and modern performance are not compromised.


Designed To Last Composite Timber & Windows

Our timber components are made from high-quality heartwood and are treated and coated to prevent twisting and deterioration. Sashes are certified to meet the requirements for enhanced security of casement and tilt and turn windows.

Protection With Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

The cladding, which is available in a wide range of colours, is attached with concealed clips. these prevent it coming into direct contact with the timber, thereby allowing ventilation and drainage. Sashes and frames are designed to cope with the harshest north european weather conditions. if a harsh environment places tough demands on your home, and you’re looking for long-lasting, low-maintenance, highly- durable composite windows, alDUS or PatUS+ is what you’re after.

Security With Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Secure, elegant and durable where all fittings, fastenings and locking features have been designed to be unobtrusive but efficient, secure and robust. in the case of the aluminium glazing beads, which are fitted to all four sides of windows and doors, they also contribute to ventilation and weather-proofing. the two positions on the locking facility enable ventilation. Where possible, hardware has been concealed to allow for a more uniform appearance and a longer lifespan.